Let it be

“New Year, new me”. I just want to share the things that had happened last year, 2018 wherein it was a year of growth for me. In addition, I will state some of my goals I want to achieve this year.

T w e n t y  E i g h t e e n

2018 has been a year full of lessons and realizations. A year of spiritual growth. My most significant experience of the year 2018 was to receive and accept Jesus Christ as my Savior last August. January was the month that the Lord called me out to serve for Him. My family is born and raised Roman Catholic. I was a Roman Catholic, but God’s plan for me was different. At the age of 17, I’ve made a big decision with regard to my faith. Nevertheless, I did not regret to where I am right now, for it was God’s will.

My journey throughout this year was full of good and bad experiences. These experiences have taught me lessons and influenced my outlook in life. First of all, this year taught me to be patient. Best things don’t come easy. I learned to wait and trust the process. I need to trust in God’s perfect time. Self-will and spirit of independence must be broken in order for Him to work out His will in my life and circumstances. Second, I realized to grab every opportunity that comes in my way. In my previous school, I used to be very active both in my academic and extra curricular activities. When I entered Liceo-Senior High School, I was a bit uncertain of what this new environment could offer me. Because of that, I was hesitant to join to any of the activities held by the school. But later on, I find myself unproductive, so I decided to challenge myself by joining auditions and getting myself involved in a school organization. With that, I gained confidence.

Lastly, I realized that I needed to know my worth. I don’t have to please everyone just to make them happy. I realized to love myself that I need to know who I am and my needs first. Don’t let others define myself and let God. Thinking you are not enough for somebody is the most tiring and frustrating thing to feel, knowing it is not worth the time. 2018 was really a year of growth. Turning my weaknesses into doors of opportunities for me to know the real me.


T w e n t y  N i n e t e e n

This 2019, I wish to be the happier me. Having the contentment of the things I’ll have. This year, I pray to place everything in God’s hands and whatever his will, will be done. I hope this year will be productive as last year. Hoping I get to travel more this 2019. Also, I want to meet more inspiring people. My goal for this year is to be more responsible in my school woks and life. More doors to open this year and to stay strong throughout this upcoming journey. Remedy the 2018 resolutions that has been not achieved yet. I want to master my skills in playing the guitar and also learn other instruments. And, to apply the lessons taught by 2018. Moreover, I recently found this on Facebook, I plan to keep track on what has been the highlight of my week, make a note about it and put it on an empty jar. Then, on New Year’s Eve I’ll empty the jar and read about the amazing year I had. Last but not the least, to strengthen my relationship with God.

My main goal is to be a woman, who is mature, independent, ambitious(in a good way), faithful, wise, adorable, knows peace and God-fearing. This sounds hard but I know with God’s strength I may able to achieve this. I have a lot to learn in life and I have to trust the process. Every one just keeps growing and growing under God’s given purpose. So today, I continue to learn and grow to be a God-centered teenage girl because in God’s perfect time I will become a woman that God desired. As for now I aspire to be a doctor. I’m still contemplating whether to become a psychologist or a forensic pathologist. In Psychology, I would help people who have struggles in their behavior and brain function. Also, I am really fond and curious about a person’s behavior. On the other hand, becoming a forensic pathologist requires analytical skills and time. This job will have a big impact in a society with regard to justice and it involves medical and surgical work. My long time wish is to travel around the world and experience one’s culture. Interact with different types of people. Lastly, my goal in life is to make my parents proud. I will make their hard work worth it, so I’m going to give my best efforts to finish my studies and find a good job.


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