reminds me of the Child born on a manger. But, the essence or glory of Christmas doesn’t stop there.  It is not that it marks the birth of some great religious leader, but  the coming of God who came down for a purpose.  He humbled himself and came in the fullness of His creation. Christmas marks his “being born in the likeness of men” — the very God who made man, and has long endured our sin with great patience, now scandalously “found in human form” (Philippians 2:7–8).
I spent my Christmas break practicing for the upcoming  Liceolympics Hip Hop at school. I had a great time with my fellow teammates. Every after practice, we would chill on a nearby coffee shop in BCG or  Bacolod City Government called “Puesto” and we would all order iced coffee. Simple yet worth treasuring. Also, I feel guilty because I wasn’t able to spend quality time with my family, because I was so caught up in my activities at school and church. Nevertheless, we had our Christmas Party two days after Christmas.
Laslty, during the break we were tasked by our CLE teacher to do an essay scrapbook. Even though, it requires a lot of time I was able to re evaluate myself on what I did in the year 2018.

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