My Thoughts on Love

I strongly believe when it comes to love no one’s an expert except God, for God is love.  Love requires commitment, patience, trust and understanding. Love can be found in so many ways.  It can be love towards your pets, family, friends and God.

“We love because He first loved us.” – 1 John 4:19 (NIV)

What is love? What does love exactly mean? The perfect form of love is when Jesus died on the cross for our sins. He is the best example who showed forgiveness and expressed His love by sacrificing Himself to reconcile us with the Father.


This word may be heard many times yet very hard to define. A  four letter word that could mean so much who is in love. In romantic love, it can give overwhelming sweetness and happiness. It draws you to that person, in ways you can’t always explain. Makes you think life is worthwhile to live. On the other hand, this intimate feeling holds consequences and in every decision we make, it may give us joy or heartache.

As for me, I haven’t really experienced being in love with someone and being in a relationship. I do have a few crushes and some of them noticed me too. I’m a girl who is quite boyish, that has a lot of insecurities and not expressive about how I feel, it surprises me that someone would like me. There are some people who would show interest in me but it was for their advantage. But I thank them for they serve as a lesson for me in this aspect of life. That I may not be too naïve when someone would do the same. God is a faithful god and for sure He has plans for me.

The qualities I find in a man is a man who is family-oriented, speaks with wisdom, a man with principles and fears God. I’ve noticed I’m attracted to guys who are musically inclined. Talent really turns me on. I want a man whom I can share about anything, the things that make us happy, things that make us sad, our struggles, our insecurities, fears and points me to God. Someone who accepts me for who I am. Having good looks are just bonus, what’s more important is the inside rather than what’s on the outside. But to be honest, as I grow older I realized you don’t really need to find your “ideal guy”. You just have to pray and wait for the right person for you. He may not meet your certain qualifications yet in someone you both learn to grow and having God as the center of your relationship.

Now, is love worth the wait? Well, as they say true love waits. For me, I think it is true that love is worth waiting for. Good things don’t come easy. He may not be perfect in your first meeting but I know with patience and  prayers, if it is from God’s will then he will be the right man for me. The problem with today’s generation,  love is no longer viewed as something sacred and important, people would rush things and see their potential partner as objects, dump them after they’re done, and move on than getting to know who they truly are and experiencing the long sometimes painful wait. While others lose hope in finding “the one”,  I still believe that true love exists, it’s just that our society defines love rather than to define it ourselves.

Always trust in the Lord’s goodness.

I find love for my dogs and friends, whenever I am at my happiest or depressing moment, they’re always there to support and give hugs just to make me feel better. At this point of my sharing, I also realized you don’t need money or fame just to show you care and love that someone. Love does not boast. Once you find contentment in simple things and being able to understand one another, the word love is one hundred times real to you . Same goes with my family. In my family, even though we are small and most of the time my parents fight, we stayed because of love and responsibilities. It doesn’t just rely on feelings.  We argue and I never often see my parents expressing their love for each other, yet they are still married for 19 years already. They stay because it’s a decision, that no matter what they are one flesh by God. Even though, troubles arise they don’t mean there is no love anymore, they are simply trials for whatever relationship has to face, for them to grow, to strengthen the unity and trust. As the Bible stated, “1 Peter 4:8: “Most important of all, continue to show deep love for each other, for love covers a multitude of sins.”

To end this blog about my thoughts about love, I think  the most beautiful thing about love is loving not for your own sake but to love for others’ and God’s sake.


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