First Step

There’s no such thing as useless, everything is a blessing in disguise. 

-Julliana Marie Carig

My name is Julliana Marie M. Carig also known as Yana, an only child and I am 17 years old. I was born on February 28, 2001. My mother’s name is Julie M. Carig and my father’s name is Marlon G. Carig. I finished my elementary days at University of Negros Occidental-Recoletos and completed my junior high at Bacolod City National High School as a Special Science student. Now I’m studying in University of St. La Salle as a Grade 11 student. Most of my friends would always describe me as easy-going, friendly and has a very positive view in life. And I’ve always dreamed to be a doctor someday. 26168612_1708527085857551_4335244251231335912_n

So first, I want to share my passion in dancing. I took interest in dancing after I watched Barbie’s 12 Dancing Princesses. I started to dance when I was 7. At school where there was this yearly event called University Week or simply “U-week”. One day, my 1st grade teacher asked us who wants to join folk dance and pop dance, without knowing what she just said, I raised my hand and said I want to join. I ended up joining folk dance, which I find it very boring but little did I know it was my first step in pursuing my interest in dancing. Summer of 2009, my mother enrolled me to a dance school and took up Dance Sport, I did enjoy what was being taught to me and what I was doing but sadly I stopped IMG_2886when summer has ended. New school year came, and another opportunity for me to join our Literary Musical-Pop dance in celebration for our U-Week. So I auditioned but to my dismay I didn’t get in. I lost hope (yes that’s how fast I give up before) and said to myself maybe dancing isn’t really for me. But I prayed to God that He will give me another way for me not to stop what I love which

is dancing. Just a week after the day of auditions, one of my classmates who auditioned and got in backed out because she’ll be joining Lip-Sync, my teacher called me and said I’ll be replacing her and that made me so happy. I finally got the chance to dance Pop dance and I can’t stop thanking God for answering my prayer. And because of that my trust in Him grew and that I should give myself more confidence believing there’s hope for everything.  So, I grabbed as many opportunities just to dance, until I entered high school and senior high school.

Second, I really enjoy travelling, which includes meeting someone new, discovering new things, and experiencing one’s culture. Also, my parents love to travel. I was only 9 months old  when I got my first plane ride. In travelling I can experience new things, like one time in Baguio I got to taste their Strawberry Taho which was very delicious. Not only that, I also learned how to interact with different types of people, especially their culture. With that, I am able to step out from my comfort zone.DS3gF13UMAIStJp

Lastly, I’m into music. I remember how I used to refuse my mom to buy me a guitar on my 11th birthday because I wanted a violin, but little did I know it would have a big part in my life. When I entered 7th grade I have a classmate who I really admired whenever he played the guitar, so I thought why not learn the guitar since I have one at home still unused. So today, I already know how to play but still learning and the reason why God gave me a desire to learn the guitar is because I may use it to glorify Him. Now, I’m serving as a guitarist in our Youth.

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For 17 years, I continue to grow as to becoming a God centered lady and an instrument to everyone around me. To be ready when the time of responsibilities come and funny how things I had no interests became my first step to who I am right now.

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